Welcome to Birchfleet Nurseries

Birchfleet Nurseries specialise in growing hardy trees. We hold the National Collection of liquidambars and grow grafted trees of most known species and cultivars. These young trees are spectacular in autumn with their wide range of scarlet and apricot shades suffused with soft yellows and attractive mottling. The oak section provides a very wide number of species some of which are only available from this nursery.

Many of the oaks listed grow much faster than our own native species and also have superb autumn colour which will match or even surpass that of maples. John Gammon has travelled to several countries to collect acorns from rare and beautiful oak trees, including China, USA and Mexico. Most come from high mountain regions to ensure a genetic strain that will prove hardy in the UK. Some oaks are suitable for small gardens, since in the UK, they will rarely attain more than 12 feet in height. We grow several species that are evergreen and are capable of surviving hard winters in this country. From the huge number of different oaks we also grow species that thrive in difficult conditions, e.g. boggy sites or sandy soil.

The trees are in 5 or 7 litre pots and have been grown outside. They are of an ideal planning height, usually between 2 and 4 feet. Some larger trees are available. When planting out precautions should be taken against deer, rabbits, competition from weeds and drought.

We are happy to give advice on trees for special needs, e.g. for boggy conditions.

Prices range from 25. Please ring for availability when ordering. Plants can be collected by appointment. You are very welcome to visit the nurseries, but please phone in advance to ensure that we are available.

An updated list of recently acquired species and cultivars is available on request.