Tree List



FAGUS sylvatica striata

FAGUS Mt. Fuji

FAGUS sylvatica Franken

FAGUS mexicana

FAGUS Black Swan

FAGUS Asplenifolia

FAGUS Arcuata

FAGUS Aspenifolia

Grafted trees of this attractive fern-leaved beech with narrow leaves serrated along the edge. A delightful light tree. Superb autumn colouring.

FAGUS Aurea pendula

FAGUS Black Swan

Graceful, upright copper beech. The ends of the branches curl over.

FAGUS Cockleshell

FAGUS Comptonifolia

FAGUS Cuprea

FAGUS Dwyck Gold

This is bright gold in spring later becoming light green.

FAGUS Dwyck Purple

FAGUS Engleriana

This is bright gold in spring later becoming light green.

FAGUS Flederbach

FAGUS Franken

Marbles leaves are white on a green background an arresting sight.

FAGUS Frisio

FAGUS Kribbebuk

FAGUS Messiaka

FAGUS Mexicana

This is a rare tree both here and in its native Mexico. It is heat tolerant, unlike most other beeches and this virtue is likely to become increasingly important. A small tree with smallish and lovely leaves.

FAGUS Mount Fuji

FAGUS Orientalis

FAGUS Oudenbosch

FAGUS Plaswijck

FAGUS Purple Fountain

FAGUS Quercina

FAGUS Rohan Gold

FAGUS Rohan Obelisk

FAGUS Rohanii

FAGUS Rosemargnata

FAGUS Schelegel

FAGUS Striata

Has leaves that visitors either love or hate. The alternative yellow and green stripes certainly have an impact. A small tree.

FAGUS Ziatia