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ACER Chinese Temple

ACER Davidii purple bark

ACER Davidii Cascade

ACER Davidii Chinese Temple

Probably the most attractive of all davidii maples. Discovered by John Gammon in China, it is a small tree or shrub that produces shiny deep red leaves in its first flush of leaves. These turn green, but the smaller branches remain red at all times of the year. This is a superb tree that deserves to be widely planted.

ACER Davidii Purple Bark

Acer davidii comes from southern China. It is a small tree which in the winter has intense purple bark that is attractively striped white. Plant it in a position where you can see it frequently in winter.

ACER Davidii Sekka

ACER Davidii serpentine

ACER Forrestii Sparkling

ACER Forrestii Autumn Blaze

ACER Palmatum atropurpureum

ACER Rubrum Brandy Wine

ACER Rubrum October Glory

From North America. A tough tree that will cope with a wide range of soils including damp ground. Its summer leaves are mid-green with red stems, and the leaves produce a stunning display of crimson and scarlet in October.

ACER Rubrum Red Sunset

As its name suggests, this tree takes on the attractive colours of sunset.

ACER Saccharum Brocade